i just wanted to know if any of you have ever used the electro harmonix NANO Dr.Q, Or the EHX Micro Q tron Envelope filters/folowers.

can you tell me which is better?these are the only two envelope filters from EHX i can get in my country since EF's arent popular here.

so out of the two, which would you go for?remmmember, its the MICRO Q tron, and the NANO Dr. Q.i will be useing them for bass.


i hope someone understands what the hell im talking about, i know most of you are rockers and dont really have use of envelope filters

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dont go with any they are a superficial effect which will sit dormont until you pick it to sell it at a loss on ebay.
ive heard mixed reviews about the nano series, but the micro q tron looks fine. That or try the bassballs. Its different kind of envelope sound, but pretty cool regardless.

^ and what? they are a superficial effect? i dunno what that even means

EDIT: seeing as your a RHCP fan, flea used the DOD envelope filter for sir psycho era and now uses a q tron i believe (not sure on that, could use something different now or could still use DOD).
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