so i DLed the file (about 1.5 gigs and i open the folder, all it has is cd1 cd2, and a little system info file, i looked through the cd folders theres nothing click able in them. wtf?
that game sucked monkey balls , wasn't even worth downloading illegally.
btw those are images.
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I'm not sure, but be grateful you didn't buy it like me. It's crap, there's nothing to it at all. The only good thing is Aida, and she's just graphics
I quite liked the game.
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LOL ! muther fuker i was gonna say that LOL!
i like thsoie fast paced blow everythign up games though. images..so i need to mount them usiong daemon tools or something liek that correct?
U need to download Deamontools and mount the image.. cause its a .ISO file, right? thats what u need to do with all games u DL
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Well... I AM a virgin, afterall...
I got the game for $10 a while back. I liked it, although it was very short with no replay value whatsoever.
k, im having alot of trouble mounting. and my frined is trying to guide me through mounting NFSC. i press on daemon to mount image, but theyres no ISO images in either unreal or NFSC,
apparantly my frind when he gave me NFSC he already mounted everythign, but when i press the icon to launch teh game i get an error code and tells me i need to resinall teh applciation, could it be cosue im running vista?