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I named my main guitar (an old crappy Dean) Chloe, she is one of my many lovers and I love playing with her, I can't talk about her much because my girlfriend gets jealous lol. And I was wondering, do you name your guitars? Or is it just weird?
Call me Jeff if you want, I prefer that.
hell yeah i always give my guitars names
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Wha...? Ask the local guitar shop for servicing?
They are ugly and bastards there though...

That's outrageous.
Their penis is small too, and I am not that desperate
No thanks.
I name them after my favorite lovers. And don't tell your girlfriend, its a guy thing. She wouldn't understand.
i named my sg but i forgot its name. my strat is refered to as "lefty" cause it comes wherever i go, just like my left arm. but i need a better name for it
i name all acoustic is lectrics are rose and black betty

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(in memory of) Linda
Linda II
and Linda III

From now on the linda's will be rarer and i may have to think of other names.
Maybe Faye. . thats a nice name.
My acoustic's name is chelsea and my electric's name is ol' beasty

Chelsea's my gf and i got ol' beasty because i've had it for 2 years and it was my first guitar...and still sounds great
i only refer to one of mine by name, its called roadkill because it has blood splatters all over it
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i would rather have a guitar in place of my organs, OR CANDY
im attached to my guitar but i havent named it in the 3 years ive had it
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my electirc fender is King crimson, since itsa crimson color, & my crappy starter isjerimiah (Idk)

my classical is unnamed, & my acoustic is mary
well i once named my peeper Mr White one drunken night, and am now repainting my les paul white with "Mr White" written on it, so no doubt it'll be called mr white
I named my Telecaster "Wings", since my girlfriend drew a pair of angel wings on the (natural) finish.
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Mine's called Chloe :]]]]

Sweet, what is your your guitar?
Call me Jeff if you want, I prefer that.
Hmm in everyday language when talking to my friend I say something in the lines of: my crappy thing back at home. Yeah that's about it I guess, hard to translate such a thing
My next guitar will be called a Kelly though xD Jackson guitars are fairly easy to name, they all sound good if you just say the model...
My ibanez is called Christina after a complete bitch of an ex. It's written on the back so when I pick it up to play I think of her, get a little angry and that comes out in my playing \o/
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My ibanez is called Christina after a complete bitch of an ex. It's written on the back so when I pick it up to play I think of her, get a little angry and that comes out in my playing \o/

Why do that to an S470!?!
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Why do that to an S470!?!

Don't worry, it's only on the electrics cover in chalk
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My guitars are called Tina (Kramer super-Strat), Vibeke (Gibson LP Classic Antique) and Lucy (Epi LP Custom), my bass is Christie (Fender Aerodyne J-bass). I used to have Jill (another Gibson LP), but I gave her the boot and replaced her with Tina. They've all got custom truss rod covers with their names engraved.

I also have an Epi Joe Perry signature LP that doesn't have a name. It feels a bit strange to give a name to a signature model - especially when it's got 'Joe Perry' written on it already.

And this is after only playing for a little over a year. I dread to think how mad I'm going to be after a few more years of playing.
hmm..i haven't thought about it..i guess i could name my new jackson after a random hot chick at my school.
and for my older crappier guitars i could name them after fat/ugly chicks or ex'es lol
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Most all the guitas I get I give names. My guitars are boys though, I just can't picture a guitar as a girl.. I don't want to **** them I just wanna hang out with them and get in trouble with them..

62 RI tele - Isaac
Crazy Jackson build - xRASPUTINx
Strat copy - White Cunt
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Still trying to name my Esquire. Been like 3 months now and I can't think of anything fitting.
I name my guitars. I have Kirika and Noir. Also thinking of naming my acoustic after my girlfriend, as a symbol to my first true love.
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i got a fender custom shop tele.
absolutely beautiful. doesnt look like any other tele.
her name is susie and im going to find a way to marry her.
im one of those guys who names their guitars.. thats love..
-jakee $tone
My Flying V's named Jimmy Edwards Vee(not after Jimmy Page and Jimi Hendrix).
My acoustic's named Brandi Epi Kelly.

I named my telecaster Lesley, my other guitars aren't cool enough to have a name. Yea I'm mean to my acoustic sometimes ... =\
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mines called cara we are in a realation ship weve had a baby squire
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My blue Jackson Warrior's name is rex because of the shape of it, its alway reminded me of a guitar that kind of has a little bit of control too. Its not a guitar that just sits there. It tugs and pulls to make you have to play harder for it to obey.

My new guitar (HSS Strat white with black pickguard) is going to be named "Shimmer" because it makes me feel warm and bright inside to play it. It just fits the strat.

Edit: Oh, my acoustic's name is Elle. Pretty and simple.
My ibanez Grx40's name is called Brian. My rr3's name is called Leonardo. My rr1 is called tiffany.
My white Les Paul is named Luna after the Roman god of the moon.

I'm going to name every one of my guitars after a mythological god/character/item.
I give my guitar's names. I have two blue Fender Stratocasters and to differentiate the little difference in color one is called Sapphire the other is called Bluey.
Female names for guitars – cute!

Mine's called Mandy. I love to pleasure her, tap her, finger her, make her squeal, and mute her when needed.
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