Yes, yet another 'which guitar' thread
Basically got 400pounds, roughly $750, want to step up from my Dean BabyML, which i absolutely love, but has some intonation problems, and jsut the fact that im getting into palying live and the Dean is a bit not great.
But anyway, i play through a 1986 Peavey 100W Bandit 112, and Boss Mt-2 Metal Zone, Distortimus Maximus, and a CryBaby.
I play more mainstream types of metal, like KillSwitch Engage, All that Remains, Lamb of God. Play mainly rhythm, but am building up solo-ing fluency and speed.
I was looking at the Schecter Tempest, but would obviously replace the PickUps
But yeah, any suggestions would be awesome.
Thats the Schecter