Well I'm not that new, but this will only be my 2nd guitar. I hear I can get great deals at Pawn Shops but I'm always scared I will get screwed. Can anybody give me advice about this?
Make sure you play it before you buy it. And it also helps to know what you're getting as far as quality.
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Honestly I Like to go to local shops because most of them know me and I deal with cash. One time I bought a 400$ guitar for 350$ and He gave me a cable and a set of strings.
Well I know most of the people, but I'm still worried there will be problems with the electrical and such.
also with local shops If you buy it from them and it craps out they will be glad to help you because they want future business from you. Also if there isn't any probs. when you first play it and its a well known brand chances are its fine.