SHould I buy a roland cube 60?? or is there a better amp in the same size for metal? this would be for practice mostly and small school gigging. I dont have more than $350 so this seems perfect but please look at my gear and tell me if this amp is good for me? or if theres anything else i should look at. any cons about the cube 60??

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Roland Cube 60
I own it and I absolutely love it. You can get them reasonably cheap now and they can pull off some **** hot sounds with the right settings.
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I use a Roland micro cube for practice and a spyder 2 for gigging. I like them both, but the roland was kinda pricey.
My practice amp is a Roland Cube 60 and I love it. I run a EH Metal Muff through the clean channel and DANG, not bad for solid state. Although, I am looking into the new Vox XL high gain amps right now as a replacement.