Didn't find a thread on these guys. Pretty good band. It's got Sarah Jezebel Deva from Cradle of Filth on vocals, and also Cradle's bassist, Dave Pybus.


You can watch their video for God Has a Plan For Us All on their page. Also, their song Original Sin (it's not on here, but may be if you look at a different Angtoria page) has guest vocals from Aaron Stainthorpe, from My Dying Bride. Very classical influenced symphonic metal. Thoughts?
this band is great. the symphonic work is some of the best ive ever heard.
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pretty good stuff
edit:vocals are kind of bland
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During the Tournography tour, I got to talk to Sarah. I was walking up and she was telling everyone about her CD with Angtoria, so I quickly bought the last copy and she signed it for me and had Dave sign it too. She was like "Oh, you're so sweet!" with her cool accent and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

I don't really like the vocals because of how bland they are, but the music is pretty good.