so my bands going to start recording soon. We finally got a firepod and i was wondering if it's possible to go bass to amp to interface using DI. cause i don't want to mic it and i don't want to just throw it straight through the DI.
it is if your amp has a dl out.

EDIT: i looked at the head you have and the Dl is right in the front of the head so just go from that to your dl in. should work just fine.
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it is if your amp has a dl out

+1, or if it has a loop you can put a DI box in there.
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EDIT: Sammcl pretty much got it dead on.
You should look into cab and amp emulators. IK Multimedia makes one specifically for bass called Ampeg SVX. It's fantastic. They also make Amplitube, which is good, albeit a tad generic (as opposed to specific amp models). Guitar Rig 2, however, is the best emulator for both guitars and bass.
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