my vox ad30vt needs a new speaker. ive been looking at what to buy.

should i get a laney fane 50w for about £20

or a celestion g10 for about £40.

i dont want to spend a lot, i just want to improve it as ive blown the speaker.

also i want to change the tube. ive had a look, but how is it connected, does it just push in, or is it soldered in?

help is much appreciated
my gear

  • ibanez rg350dx
  • legend fat strat
  • vox ad30vt
  • laney double footswitch
  • behringer eq700
  • zoom gfx 707 effects processor
  • boss gt-3 effects processor
most tubes are just pushed in. idk about that particular amp tho.

as for the speaker, id go with the celestion. but make sure its a 30w or more speaker.