K so my epiphone les paul 100 is making a weird hum usually it goes away when i touch the strings but sometimes its louder and will stay when i touch the strings but go away when i turn down either of the 4 knobs (volume / tone) wat could my problem be? and how do i fix it?
get a noise cancellation pedal or sumthing liek that, or ur pups r shot
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Sounds a bit like a grounding problem, although when mine had a problem it was the other way round, buzzed when I touched it.

Still, seems likely. Could be that the ground wire in the back is soldered to the wrong pot or something.
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wats a good cheap pedal and will it work good with my line6 spider II 30 amp?
ohh and is this a normal issue with like wire interference and les paul 100 or should i go get it exchanged if i can?