you drop your guitar from the roof, then tune all the strings to d

or, you tune it to standard tuning, then tune the sixth string down a whole step to D
tune down your low e to a d, easy

do you have a tuner? if not, the low e should sound like the d string when tuned drop d.
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Thanks UG.
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ya, so instead of the 5th fret of the low E string sounding like the A string, it will be the 7th fret.
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Drop D: D A D G B e
  • Play the 12th fret Low E string and the D string open. Retune the 12th fret Low E to match the D string open


  • Play the 7th fret Low E and the A string open. Retune the 7th fret Low E to match the A string open.

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