Hey, so I just got a guitar 2 days ago. My friend came over and tuned it for me, showed me how to read tabs and got me started on some songs. I've been trying to play them myself and I've slowly gotten better. One thing that concerns me is the strings are really hard to push down, I have an acoustic guitar and I've heard its harder to do with them, however this feels rediculous. My fingers sting after 10 minutes of playing, and sometimes ill have my finger pushed all the way down so that its touching the neck, and the string is pushing the skin in the middle up so its not making contact. Maybe its just me being new to guitar, but im not sure. Is this normal?

also i work most days and basically i get payed to do nothing. Is there anything i can do at work to strengthen my hands or get better?


and it might be taht i just need to suck it up and play through the finger pain...
your fingers just need to get stronger, and get callouses.... and that just comes with playing more.
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Your fingers will hurt when you start playing. It's something that every guitarist will have to go through. Your fingertips will slowly harden as time goes on and it won't be as difficult to push the strings down. If you look in the lessons section of this site there are a few lessons there that give you stretches to do. I'm not sure what you can do while you're at work, though.
When you first start out, it is pretty hard to prss down on the strings. It might just be your guitar, but you probably need to work on your strength. What helped me was just playing all the time and practicing. I guess that you could get one of those stress balls and squeeze it while you work or something.
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Yea it is normal your fingers will soon get callouses (cant spell) and eventually you'll get better.
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this is because you are (as you said) new to guitar and your fingers are not used to guitar.

You will get used to it the more you play.
yeah...it's just the acoustic. Actually, it's better you're learning on that, cause the electric will be so much easier then
And you're just building up your callouses, so it won't hurt after about...I think it was like, a month for me before it didn't hurt anymore...Don't really remember haha

uuhh...I don't really know of anything to help with finger strength other than playing..Sorry lol
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Its sort of like an initiation into guitar, theres no easy way round it apart from practice.
It happens, you'll get used to it. Your fingers will actually get calloused for a while. Through playing your fingers will get stronger, just keep practicing

At work i suppose you could just fantasize about playing guitar... Its what i do and it motivates me to play more.
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Hey thanks for the fast responses, This site is great! Yeah I kinda figured that my fingers would stop hurting, I just gotta wait for them to get used to it
hm first of all ask your friend to play for you on your guitar and if he says the strings are ok... then the strings are ok BUT for beginners it´s useful when the strings are not that hard to push down... and no i don´t think you can do so many things to strenghten your hand... hm except playing^^ xD well a powerball or what it is called( the ball with the rotating thing in it) that could be useful.

the skin of your fingertips gets harder and harder the longer you play and the pain will slowly go away....