my crybaby wha stoped working. wen i have it plauged in it sends signal to my amp but it has no effect on the sound.i want to no how to fix it and what went wrong.
any help?

i already tryed icyhot

one...what was the icyhot for?

two...is the gear still connected to the pot? that might be a possiblilty...

three...you got any pics?
have you tried changing batteries?
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check to see that the transistors and the electrolytic capacitor are soldered firmly. if there not it will function like a volume pedal. i had that problem once.
jackson dinky build!

do you live in a country?

pics dude or a vid of you trying to say 'bananaramapancake'
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which crybaby is that?

^that goes for the 4.7uF cap. its a tall skinny cap.
i think it would be the wiring around the jack.
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hmm...there is a chance that there is a bad switch too...have you pressed down the button switch underneath the pedal? How old is it? make sure your battery isnt bumping into anything...it might end up grounding out something without you noticing