I have come down to these two guitars the Ibanez 2610E Prestige or the LTD EC 1000 Delux(Black). Which one should i chose? Give me pros and cons. Tnx!
1. Which music styles do you have?
2. What is your current guitar and amp?
3. What is your budget and location? (Currency affects cost)
4. Do you gig?
5. Do you plan on using the whammy bar on the Ibanez?
6. Do you change tunings often?
I play mostly metal and hard rock, My amp is a old marshall. Im going to use the whammy very offen. I play mostly in the same tuning all the time.I have no budget i because im trading in my old guitar and these two is the only desent guitars they have( i also love these guitars!)
Alright fair enough. Have you tried out either guitar? The neck on the Ibanez is completely different to the LTD EC-1000. General break down as follows...

- Japanese Ibanez > Korean LTD (in terms of craftmanship)
- Edge Pro Trem is a reliable sturdy trem, it won't breakdown.
- Dimarzio / IBZ pickups are alright, best try them out. I think the LTD has EMGs, depends if you like EMGS or not.
- Basswood, Mahogany, down to personal taste.
w/out knowing the above, i would say the ESP. It has EMG's or Duncans, and based on ur coices, i assume u play metal. get the one with the EMG's. unless u must have a dbl-locking trem. then buy the Ibanez. but if u plan on playing in more than one tuning, u almost absolutly cannot have the Ibanez. Dbl-locking trems are rly difficult to set up and change tunings with.
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Yeah, Mwoit has a point. Do either of them have a floyd rose (double-locking trem) ?

LTD EC-1000, Les Paul style.

Ibanez 2610E, Super Strat style.

Didn't realize the Ibanez only had one pickup, the EC-1000 will be more versatile than the Ibanez, don't forget that.
NOt sure that an FR Ibanez with one SD 'Full Shred' in the bridge will suit you tbh. Good guitar, but not your you. Go for the LTD, it's also a quality guitar.
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