hey guys im pretty much a novice, ive been playing for quite a while and wanted to start getting some new gear after saving up and getting a set up on my guitar.

BAsically im not sure if im what im gettings a good buy or if theres something better avaliable.

Im looking at replacing my rubbish 10watt amp for something with a few more controls, ive found a second hand 25W Nevada Amp with built in Reverb for £40 which looked quite good.

I also wanted to get a decent effects pedal and was looking at getting a zoom g2.1u, which looked good because it jsut has so many effects.

I havent got an awful lot of cash so anyone know if these are good buys or is there something better you can recommend?
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Well, what kinds of music do you play, and what's your total budget? I doubt the Nevada amp will be any good - it's most likely a cheap solid state practice amp that's on a similar level to the one you own now. There are lots of good amps out there for not too much cash.
well i tend to play stuff from a lot of punk/pop and indie bands. i have a total budget of about £150 for both, though i can wait if its worth getting something a little more expensive.

The main reason i wanted to replace my amp is because i was getting annoyed with the inability to change the sound on it, my distortion is either on or off. Would it be easier jsut getting a good effects pedal instead of amp?
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I think I may have a solution for you. The Vox AD30VT. It's a modelling amp with built-in effects, so you can get plenty of different clean and distorted sounds, including Fender, Vox and Marshall amps, as well as a number of effects such as reverb, chorus, delay and flange.


They're good amps for the price, and will certainly give you something to play around with. And it's under your budget, too
ah thanks! that does look a really nice amp!

what about the effects pedal, would it be worth getting one or just sticking to changing the sound on the amp?
I <3 my Washburn Idol
I'd stick with the amp to begin with. There are lots of pre-sets, and you can make your own. If you find, later on, that you need more pre-sets with different levels of effects, then it might be an idea to look into an effects unit, but for now I reckon the amp would suffice