I know this may be ignored because it contains "starcaster" in the title, but here I go.

My first guitar was a costco starcaster. But I somehow got it before they had it officially listed on their website... Similarly, now that costco is an official dealer, they sell a completely different model than mine.

The normal starcaster has a traditional strat body and comes with a normal 3 single coil arrangement and 2 tones with 1 volume. It also has a normal strat style head stock and comes with a cheap squire 10 watt.

The body on mine is normal, but the guitar somehow has an "arrow" head stock

It also has an H-S-S config with standard knobs, but it came with a nice Fender Frontman 15R.

I was wondering if anyone has seen the same, and more importantly, if anyone knows what kind of wood mine might be made of... I'm hoping solid alder.

Oh yeah, the official site has completely disappeared.
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I doubt it will be made out of Adler if you got it at Costco, I'm thinking plywood, or, if you're lucky agathis.
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i doubt it would be alder...maybe like plywood or a laminate of some type. Solid, one-ppiece bodies are very rare and expensive. I think u would be better off trading it in for a Squier Vintage Modified strat. doesn't rly perrtain or answer ur question, but u rly should. Costco/Target guitars rly suk.