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you shoulda lynched that nigger.

*spits in spittoon and feels up his cousin*
Dabey, i hope my pervy drama teacher rubs his beard on you, and that sire, is a fate worse than death. I hate you. Please die. Thank you
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She must kill herself. How many of you agree? I know everyone does

But if your mother had killed herself you'd never have been born?

Wait, now I see your point...
Dabey: Well then, if you think so, lets rape all the women in your family... It'll be the half way to your bloodline extinction.
dude. not cool.
i <3 my gibson.

proud member of the anti-ibanez milita. my rg1570 was the crappiest guitar i've ever owned.

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Christ. I'd hate to see you break a pencil, you'd probably go on a killing spree.