a cort x2 to be exact
i wanna plop some active pups in there
and it has passive humbuckers right now
i need to know
do i have to do any routing for the battery comp.
or can i just kinda leave that in the control cavity?
Well you'd better get a tech to do it for you if you've never soldered before. You can fuck up the pots if you put too much heat on them, and you could ruin the special wires they come with.

It should cost too much too get them replaced anyway, and if you can afford EMG's, you can afoord that
i'll probably end up doing this once i get a job
but ya...
i'll just get a tech to do it\
problem is
the small guitar store near my home
overcharges for EVERYTHING
one time
they charged 70 bucks to intonate my guitar and drill the tuners wider...
good thing i can do all that crap myself now...
[quote="'[P|E|R|S|O|N"]']Don't the EMGs have that weird quick connect stuff or something?
they do
but they come with the volume pots and such and wires
you basically have to gut your existing guitar if you don't already have the quick connect crap already setup
[quote="'[P|E|R|S|O|N"]']Don't the EMGs have that weird quick connect stuff or something?
Yeah some kits get those but I'm not sure they all come with it.
i think all of the kits come with those
cuz there's really no other way to get those pups in