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Julie's Song

Julie says the skyline's getting awfully blue.
I tell her it's just the colour of my bedroom.
The city's not exactly the biggest melting pot of inspiration;
It's more of a note, reminding you it's not
That it's not all Christmas lights and palm trees.

"It's not me," she says. "It's the rest of this dream.
The coincidences just seem too deliberate."
I tell her that it's Andrew, he's living in my stereo.
He's singing about mixed tapes and L.A.
Julie says she wants to run away.

Julie wants the loft, the address
And the amenities: actor and party included.
She wants the chopsticks and the star studded pavement.
She wants the complications and the problems.
Now Julie's got what she's had coming.

The Only Thing Darker Than Pitch Black Itself Is The Evil That The Moon Shines Down

Moonlight's pouring down,
Raining over sadness
Drifting over happy-ness,
and losing all that's found
The moonlight is complexing,
And it never goes away
Bringing forth a darkness,
Telling me stay

But I wont listen

As your walking home in the darkness,
remember what I said
That moonlight can entance you,
And put darkness in your head
It can make you do some things,
That you never would have done
If I hadn't left you,
For a another one

But I Did

The Moonlight,
Blinking through the clouds at us is so bright
But we will not live happily,
And all of this ends. Tonight

Sirens wake me the next morning,
I fear for what they say you've done
It's all my fault for leaving you,
You thought I was your only one
Now she's gone and so are you,
I screwed my life but didn't mean to
Selfishness has won its game,
And I live in total shame

The moonlight,
Glaring with its dissapointment,
Decieving what is really there
Now i sit here all alone,
And think of what the moonlight shone
Check for "Taking a Picture (Won't capture this)