how loud does your guitar have to be to cover a drum set...im looking at peavey 5150 amps for my birthday i realllly am set on finding one. problem is money im looking at the 212 which is 60 watts im wondering how much watts should an amp have to cover a drum set with double bass and cymbals and if its possibly to play ashow...people were saying pa systems now anyway you could mic up a 30 watt amp and play a show....but im just wondering.....and if its possible to modify the amp so it has more watts...i saw somebody selling a 212 combo for at least 600 and it had 200 watts modified into it
A 30 watt valve amp will cover drums. The 5150 will manage it easily. Valve amps sound a lot louder than solid state, and I think it'd be about 50 watts solid state to cover drums comfortably.
well all you need is 30 watts to get over a heavy handed drummer (40 at most). people play unmiced shows all the time with 50 watt stacks. so i think you can do it with a 60 watt combo. i played a show wiht my amp (on 50 watt setting) and its a 2 12 combo

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Thanks for answering all my question ssguitar

No, its not possible to make something that loud, 200 watt 5150? i call bullshit.

and a 30 watt tube amp could get over a set, easily.
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yeah, 60 watts is plenty.
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I was playing today with a 60w valve combo on half volume and it easily covered the drummer, on full volume it drowns out almost anything
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50w valve amp will do the trick. Most venues will have some sort of PA and mixing desk to make sure that every instrument into it is balanced so the output sounds good.
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No, its not possible to make something that loud, 200 watt 5150? i call bullshit.

and a 30 watt tube amp could get over a set, easily.

its probably 2 100w speakers in it, doesnt mean it puts out 200w though, just that the speakers are capable of it.
yeh see i have a 30 watt bass amp now ...and it doesnt cover drummer im definetly getting 5150 for my birthday this friday =)
My mesa boogie through a 4x12 on 60watt mode cuts through the mix (2800watt PA, miked drums, 1000watt bass amp, and a 300watt Vetta II) in an unfinished garage with too much reverb...oh, and I don't usually have my volume above 9:00. With a 2x12, and 100watt mode, my volume gets bumped up to 10:00.
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