Ive never played live before and I was wondering if my 50 watt tube amp would be loud enough to play in a small venue. In my opinion it sounds very loud so I think it would be good enough, but alot of people tell me 50 watts is not enough for live play and I need to get a stack.

I play really loud heavy metal.
It's enough. Those people are either being silly, or are referring to solid state amps A 50 watt valve amp is plenty for gigs
Yes it will be loud enough. Hopefully your venue will have a PA system that they'll run a mic from your speaker to the mixing desk to make sure that no instrument is overbearing each other
I wish people stopped emphasising on wattage speaker size accounts more for volume but yes itll be fine.
Yeah, a 50 Watt valve amp is more than enough for a small venue and also would probably handle a medium-sized or large venue very well. Do the people who tell you that you need a stack know much about amps and Solid-State vs Valves?
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50 watts is enough.

You might want to invest in a 4x12 cab or 2x12 cab down the road for a thicker and louder sound.
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my 65 watt solid state combo is loud enough. your 50 watt valve is probably double mine in loudness. you'll be just fine.
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