I was thinking about learning to play the drums. I have a couple friends that would help, but they aren't all that good. So, what type of drums should I get? Is there anything I should know about tuning or sets? And should I teach myself with DVDs or take lessons?
I'd get a book on technique, but basically teach yourself. Just listen to recordings and stuff to help you learn how drum beats are constructed.
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shouldn't be too hard lol

Drums is an instrument which you can either play or you can't. (not to scare you off). So don't presume it will be a walk in t he park. Remember to learn the theory as well.
I wouldn't advise getting a dvd because i didn't find them helpful.

What i did was get a lend of kit or you could play on your friends kit if you can play it (like a song, metallica - whom the bell tolls, is an easy song) you should be good to go if your struggling a bit it wouldn't be advisable.

I had a teacher for 6 months before he said i was fine to go by myself and he told me that he had a new student and he was really struggling at the drums and that he couldn't grasp the basics and wasn't going anywhere

Hopefully that is not you.

Good luck.