Poll: How much does a Shot (drink) cost in your area
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View poll results: How much does a Shot (drink) cost in your area
Less than 1€ / 1.36$ / 0.67£
1 6%
1€ / 1.36$ / 0.67£
0 0%
1.50€ / 2.04$ / 1.01£
1 6%
2€ / 2.72$ / 1.35£
5 28%
2.50€ / 3.40$ / 1.68£
4 22%
3€ / 4.08$ / 2.01£
4 22%
More than 3€ / 4.08$ / 2.01£
3 17%
Voters: 18.
Well it doesn't cost to get shot in my area......i dont know anyone with a gun though


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I guessed


£2 for Tequila, Sambuka, JD, Apple Sours in some places. Although in some places it can be as little as a pound for 5 of the above. It really just depends on the place.
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Depends if it's a bar, or a night club, what kind of bar as well, and consider also whether it's a tourist bar or one for locals... there are many factors.
Could be $.50 for rot-gut whiskey in a dive bar, or $8.00 for the top-shelf stuff in a classy joint with entertainment.

Can't really answer.
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it caost around £1.70, depending on what you drink, so i estimated at euros

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I think the TS will know what to do next

Depends, I mean there's a bar not too far away from me that will run you £6.50 for a particular whisky.
In average, €2.50.
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$4.25 Cdn
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A shot? In who?

/dumb joke

I don't know, I'm under the drinking age
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