i am looking into buying a B-52 combo amp at $550 but i was wondering if that is something you can negotiate and get a better price. And if its possible, whats a reasonable price to bring it down to?
i always try to go atleast $100 under and bargin up

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Sometimes they won't budge. Depends on item and sales rep. I'd start a hundred lower too and work my way up. Fifty is what I'd expect them to take off, any less, walk away.
just say something like "so what kind of deal can you give me on this."
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Yeah, like my nearest guitar center the salesmen are relaxed so you might not be able to get a lower price cause they don't seem to be trying to kill for sales. But at another guitar center i went to the salesmen were like scavengers, and without asking i got my amp for 20 dollars less, and now that i think about it I could have definitely gotten more off.
No more than $450, including tax. That's about what I paid for mine at GC.