A few days ago i got a left handed classic acoustic guitar a chantry (not the best i know) i was just wondering best way to start playing
1. place guitar in lap.
2. select pick.
3. place fingers on respective strings.
4. strum/pick at your preference.

just kidding, the best thing to do now is learn scales and chords.


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personally, i would probably get some lessons, or find a book to teach your self with
Look around on here. UG has some really good beginner lessons.
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I always start of by eating an egg roll, I suggest you do the same. Then sit down and decide what it is you want to be able to do with the guitar (play classical, cover your favorite band's songs, get girls because you play guitar, etc.) and set some goals. THEN go to the lessons section here on UG and get going on what you want to do.
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