I have been doing some research on music theory books. I have quite a small library of books and I thought I would share the book knowledge I have attained over the past three years.

Classical Theory Books

The first two books I got were:

The AB Guide to Music Theory Parts I and II.

These cover the grades 1 - 8 and I would strongly advise getting the AB Music Theory in Practice books grades 1 - 8 as well and go through them with your teacher so that you can understand the theory taught in those books.

The next few books I dont think they even print anymore but I have found them at my University Library. These books my guitar teacher used for his music degree.

They are:

First year Harmony, Second Year and Third Year Harmony by William Lovelock.

Counterpoint by Walter Piston

Harmony by Walter Piston

Walter Piston has written extensively within classical theory and he has books on orchestration and other things.

Jazz Theory

The only jazz theory book I have in my possession is:

The Jazz Theory Book by Mark Levine

It is a must have. Also purchase the Fake Book (aka The Real Book) with it as well. It contains all the jazz standards.

Harmony For Guitar by Lance Bossman: This book I havent been able to find anywhere but in my guitar teachers library and it is a very good book if you can find it in your local library.

Jazz Guitar by Mel Bray is also a good book.

Scale and Chord Books

I use the "Gig Bag Book Of.." Series. They have books on Scales, Chords and Arpeggios and I would recommend those too!


Now I require the help of everyone in the MT Forum to add books that have used that have helped them with theory.

Technique books are more than welcome. If you are playing or planning on playing classical guitar I strongly advise you get hold of "Musicianship and Sight Reading For Guitarists by Oliver Hunt" Its a bloody good book!
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Well, copy and paste it. And then you also bump up the other thread. It's win win. I am actually quite interested in both of them and I'm sure other people that are weak in theory(like myself) are interested too.
^I had it stickied for two weeks and got one review. Safe to assume we can throw the review idea out the window.

An option might be to just compile a big list, with links to Amazon.com and Amazon UK (and any other book retailer, Jazzwise etc) with different categories - Theory, Technique and Other that people can have a look at and read the reviews on the external source - I really wanted reviews on lots of books, but such is life.

Up for that?
Yeah. That was more what I had in mind. I'm only starting to get into theory. Before I only scratched the surface, I knew my scales for violin and little more. Now I want to get as much as I can and whilst the Jazz Theory Book is great, I want some other books for more classical related theory. So I say yay to that idea.
Yea John that sounds like a wicked idea.
Sat in a lab, curing diseases. They actually LET me play with chemicals!
Another book, the book i've used is harmony and theory, if i attempt to spell the authors ill do it wrong, so amazon it

i really liked the book, it was an awesome basics theory book, starts with basics, notes, rhythms, reading treble and bass, and ends with modal interchange, modulation, and a lot of complex chord ideas
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