Well basicly this is a thread for peavey amp lovers and owners.

I own a Valveking and i gotta say it is amazing , the sound is so sweet .
Can get a nice Blackmore/Malmsteen esque tone. Perfect for what i need.
I gots a Valveking too, it's very nice, i use it for lots of sounds.
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I really like the Classic series. Yep, those are neat.
I'm not a huge fan of peaveys, but they get the job done. I have a little 30 watt backstage that's like, 20 years old. It's my backup amp, and it's okay.
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I got a Bravo 112 that they made in the mid 90s for a few years, 25W tube. It's an amazing amp, great cleans, grain gain straight up to metal.

And I can't stand the VK.
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I got a Valveking and I have to admit it's pretty good.

It's just too heavy!!! at 65 pounds
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I'm not a fan of the VK. XXX's are kewl though!
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well i own a peavey ultra tube, predecessor of the XXX, less EQs but pretty much the same sound. And it's a bloody brilliant sound at that!

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I'm getting a VK royal 8. So good that they make all-tube amps at such low prices. I can't wait to trade my spider in for one, lol!
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I really like the Classic series. Yep, those are neat.

im really wanting a classic 30.
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I love my 5150 II. People say there not very versatile but I think otherwise. Wouldn't swap it for the world. Except maybe for an ENGL Powerball lol but I cant see that happening
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I have a JSX 212

I love it!
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I am obsessed with 5150's, I would do anything for one, even give myself to a horny man for a rousing night in the back of a sweaty automobile. Or a JSX. I am into the marshall JVM 410 too... althought a little off topic
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I got the Valveking 100w head recently and the different tones I can get out of it just blows my mind. I love the texture control they have on the back. My only wish is that they put it on the front.
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I may only have a Rage 158, but damn it's a choice amp
I love how it sounds, even at higher volumes. It really is the best little practice amp money can buy...
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i played a Windsore once. it was nice, i like the preamp volume feature, and it had a nice tone when i cranked that
I'm a Windsor fan. I hope to compare it head to head with a JCM 800 Single channel.
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I've always liked Peaveys. Well built, dependable and good sound. The small 10 watt or so practice amps are decent, but my '74 Fender Champ tube rig is the best in that category.

For stage amps, I play a dual amp rig with a Fender Super Reverb for "raunch 'n roll" and a Peavey MX for clean. I've had the MX since 1990 and love it, cleanest amp I've ever played and 30 or 130 watts (into a 1967 Kustom 2x12 cabinet) so it's fine for about any size place. I only use the clean channel, and set it for a brighter sound than the Fender for lots of versatility, although it does make for a job setting up and tearing down. It's a transistor preamp into a tube power amp (four 6L6's) and sounds great. Most steel players would love it, exceptionally clean and loads of power. You don't want to turn the beast up past about 4 unless you're in a big place with a really loud band. Then again, when the guy with a 100 watt double stack Marshall keeps turning it up till he's out of steam, I'm still playing clean leads with headroom to spare. Been there, done that...

I also have a Classic 2x12 combo 50 watter, the older "Classic 75" amp made in the mid 70's, named such because it was designed in 1975. It's marked only "Classic" on the logo, and silk screened "Classic 75" on the PC board. Right now it's not working right, I'm pretty sure a transformer is going downhill, so it sounds garbly. I wish it was still playing right, it was always a very good sounding amp till the present problem started. It also has a lot better sounding distortion channel than the MX does, and an interesting input section that allows either running the two channels parallel or series, which means a wider variety of available sounds with relatively little adjustments necessary. The footswitch also utilizes one channel, other channel and both channels. fixing it will have to wait a while though, a good acoustic amp is my next major equipment expenditure. That'll probably be a Peavey too, I usually do look at Peavey and Fender first, and don't spend much time looking too close at most other brands.
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I have a peavey prowler. Its a 90's amp that got discontinued a while ago. It's 45 watt tube, mediocre cleans pretty good dirt.

Peavey always managed to get the job done. They just gotta work on their clean channels.
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I have a JSX 212

I love it!


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hav a peavey blazer158, now saving for a peavey xxx 40.
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I love the classics. Super-good cleans (atleast mine does), good saturation on the lead channel, loud as heck, but heavy at crap. I'll be swapping out the no name black back speakers with vintage ten's sometime soon.
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I have a Windsor, and I love the crap out of it.
I don't use cleans ever, so just that crunchy, raunchy gain is all I need, and it suits my needs perfectly. It'll definitely last me 'till I can afford a Framus Cobra.
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I used to have a Windsor. I loved that thing but I needed cleans so I traded it for my Mesa.
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Do you guys reckon i should get a bandit 112? Is it a good amp and what styles would it work well for?
THe bandit is an OK amp , but a valveking is better and it costs almost the same.
Well with the VK you will get a nice natural distortion tone cause its a tube amp but if you're into heavier metal you should go for the bandit.
Its pretty cool.