for my oblivion game my graphics are having troubles I think. I just reinstalled it and now when I'm outside and stuff is so far away from me the ground there looks like a blurr of green. It just doesn't look very good. I have all of my distance related graphics cranked. Does anybody know what graphic setting will improve this?
try to set the resolution lower (800 x 600) and par down some of the other settings. If your using a ATI radaion try looking into omega drivers overclocking helps too.
does your system meet minimum system reqs?
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make sure your game is patched with the latest patch... make sure your video card drivers are up to date as well as your directX

what kind of card do you have?... my friend has a radeon x1900 i think and when he updated to the newest driver oblivion graphics went to **** for him, so he had to downgrade to the old ones
Have you got large textures on?
Also have you tried any of the 'make it prettier' mods from gamespot.com? One of them increases the resolution of the distant land
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Well first of all, was it always like this? If this is a new thing, the fan on your graphics card might have died, or even the graphics card itself might be dying.