Hi guys! Let me start off by saying Im new to this board. So first off, nice to meet you all, and thanks in advance for any help provided.

Now getting down to business.......Im in the market for some new gear. For a long time Ive been a proponent of line6 gear, but I have no luck with the stuff at small venues. The models sound great with lots of speaker coverage in a larger venue where you can really drive the sound....but in a more intimate setup, its a little thin, flat, and I cant hear myself all that well. So....Ive taken the plunge and just picked up a mesa triple rectifier solo head and the krankenstein 4X12 cab. I get a very thick, full, and hard edged sound with this setup, and I can roll it back for a smoother, brassier kind of sound as well. So, overall this setup suits my style for my band very well and Im much happer playing it in any situation.

The prob....occasionally I need to spice it up from time to time to complement the character of the music a bit more, but I dont have a whole lot of experience with stomp boxes. I dont need much, just the basics: delay, chorus, wah, and compression.

Ive been looking at many boxes and here are the few I think I might end up going with

Fulltone Clyde Wah, Analog Man for the delay and chorus(mostly will be used for clean parts of the song......I dont saturate my distorted sounds much at all if ever), and its a toss up on the compressor. The few Im looking at are the Keeley unit, the Carl Martin unit, and the T Rex Comp Nova unit.

As far as my sound goes, I tend to keep it thick and full with a hint of metal. Not "scooped mid shred" kinda medal....but pretty tight. Its a ballsy sound similar to the type of guitar sound youd find on Nicklebacks harder tracks or something from breaking benjamin or chevelle. I get a little smoother and punchier in the dissonant parts kinda like tool or chevelle(this is where most of the effects will come into play.....like chorus and delays to round it out and give some space).

So, am I looking in the right places for my type of sound, or do you guys have any other suggestions. Also....I still have the line 6. Would I be just as well served to just throw it in front of the amp? It doesnt sound bad, but I have a feeling I can do better with just a couple good, dedicated units.

Once again, thanks in advance, and sorry for the long thread but I figured Id give as much info as possible being that Im new. Thanks again.
Nice amp. I wish i had the dough for a triple rec. one of the best amps made.

I think ur analog man is a good decision. the Fulltone Clyde wah is good. u might wanna try a Vox Clyde McCoy wah or a Mega-wah. Ask around the forum, its one of the greatest pedals eva. Compression.....maybe try the Boss compressor, that most likely is a good one. U might want to get a Bosst pedal, for solos, leads and such. the MXR mini-amp would be a good choice if u need it. and its only about $40, so its cheap.
The Fulltone wahs are great, not too sure how they'd handle the higher gain type of stuff. Try one out and see though!
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dont feel bad......I cant exactly afford the mesa either! But, I knew I had to take the plunge sooner or later, and a descent deal showed up along with 15 months financing, so it was basically "now or never". I probably would have settled with lesser equipment if I had waited any longer. Thanks again guys.