i "paid", traded actually, gear worth $750 for a blackface super reverb "head". it was cut down from a combo and included no cab. it was also modded with a dysfunctional push/pull boost on the second channel and the vibrato was removed. it also has only 5 preamp tubes instead of the 6 it should have. it works (with a cab) and sounds alright but i figured out that it should cost me atleast (a total of) $1500 to get back it back to stock-with a cab and nice speakers-jensen p10rs. i would appreciate it if someone could give tell me if this was a good/deal. thanks in advance
well for around 100 more you could have gotten a fully functional Silverface or Reissue, i'm not too sure on how much Blackface SR's go for, it might be a decent investment, i'd discuss it over with a tech.
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id say if u got a broken amp for $750, then yea, unless ur hobby is fixing amps like that. And to get it fixed properly for $1500, thats just not economical. I would have bought a Silverface for an extra $100. And then replaced the speakers w/ Jensens instaed of doing wat u did.