I guess this is a really basic question, but I needed some opinions on it so...

As a musician, are you supposed to do what you want to i.e., something you really like, whenever someone - regardless of who he/she is - asks you to play something? Or should you fine tune your "performances" for each type of audience?

Say a casual friend asks you to play something...do you play something you like or something they like? Something simple and catchy or something more technical? Something you know fowards and backwards or something that may be a little out of your reach, but more "impressive" in certain ways?

And how would the answers differ if it were for a music teacher, or for a large audience?

Thanks UG

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just play something that fits the mood.


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haha, i always ask what they want to hear, and they always say they dont know, so i say, do u want something like this, and i play dust in the wind, or something like this, and i play crazy train. i might do black dog or something i wrote tho
I usually just play songs on an acoustic guitar, so I would probably end up busting out a Radiohead or Oasis cover. The Beatles are great for doing covers too. If I was playing my electric guitar I would probably play a little rhythm part for a few bars and then improvise a solo while accentuating the chords through the notes I play in the solo.

However, if it's closer friends or a few other people I might debut a new original song, which is rare because I'm quite self-conscious of the original songs I truly do like.
hmm..i ask what they want to hear..they never know..so i usually just play what ever im feeling at the time. and if its for a teacher i'd play something that really shows off my skills as a musician..but not so much so that its like showing off. music is all about fun and expressing yourself. remember that!