so i started a little garage band this summer, and at first i could never get a practice with both my drummer and my bassist. so finnaly i told my bassist that we were going to replace him. well we couldn't find anyone else so i started teaching my best friend. he's not to bad but he isn't learning very fast. and i have a chance to get a small gig but i can't teach him new songs by then. so i have to either get another bassist for that one gig or go without one. anyone got any ideas?

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Don't be a d-bag to your friend. Just wait until everybody in the band is ready for a gig to have one. If that means skipping that one, then skip it. There will be opprotunities in the future.
I would eiteher go with the acoustic set idea, or just wait. You dont want to have a show your not prepared for. If you have to skip one, then so be it. Wait untill your ready
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