Hmm... Is there a cheap solution to getting bass in my car? (I just want to hear it)

I don't need it to be huge but enough to hear the bass better. Bass makes every song I have ever heard better.

I have kinda looked into this myself but I always get the same result. Its so damn expensive.
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Aren't there knobs for bass, treble, etc?

Well yea and I have them how I want. I have on max bass but its still isn't much.
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2 JL Audio 10"s

1000 W Alpine Amp

And a nice Pioneer head unit.

Hits so fuckin' hard.
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Turn the BASS knob to 11... or buy yourself a new car stereo!
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wal mart devil store has cheap subs and amps, they arent the greatest but they'll do the trizzick
good deals/trades: fuzzydxmg,
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Um how about a cheap subwoofer?
Silvertone strat knock off (not quite sure)
Silvertone 15 watt practice amp
see if turning down the treble helps, although it's probably not what you want
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five-finger discount is the cheapest way to a bumpin new bass system.

No really tho, you'll probably spend at least 400 to 500 bucks putting a sub enclosure with a preamp in. If you knew how to do installation yourself, you'll save some dough, though.
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