So i hooked up my 360 ethernet cable straight into the wirless modem router. When I run the Live test, i get up to DNS : Failed. Now I really dont know what to do. I cant really afford to invest into the xbox wireless adaptor, as 60 quid is a bit much for me right now. Any help please? BTW, the dashboard settings are set to automatic, and ip and gateway numbers are like, the same as they are on my comp. Could it be the modem firewall blocking the connection to the server? if so, any ideas how to open up ports? many thanks in advance
type your routers ip into your address bar mines

type in the username and password (its usually 'admin' and 'password' however you might wanna search around for that info.)

you should be able to find out all the details that the xbox 360 asks for. enter that info manually into the xbox 360 and try again. That's how i got mine to do the windows media center thing

Mine did the same thing. according to the xbox i wasnt connected to anything but then i did it manually and it worked just fine. you might want to reserve an ip for it too.
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I bet you have a firewall problem, does this happen to any other computers?
But what do I know I don't own a 360