hi i just want to know what do you think of this :

#1 the guitar is most important than the amp in the sound

#2 the amp is most important than the guitar in the sound

#3 both are imprtant

some people say that if you have a good guitar and a bad amp the sound is bad and if you have a good amp and a bad guitar the sound is better than with a bad amp and a good guitar so what do you think ??

well you need both to play. ideally you want a good guitar and a good amp for the best tone because both affect your sound.

the amp changes your sound much more drastically and therefore it is more important to have a good quality amp
i was thinking of getting a guitar and an amp but then i figured out that is better to buy a good amp first and use my old guitar and then save up and get a nice guitar . its better if i do this or buy both things but an not so good amp and a not so good guitar what do you think
if you can bear your current guitar then just get an amp. however if you really hate your guitar maybe both would be better, but you will end up wanting to upgrade again. tone is very important, but so is liking the feel of your guitar.
Its really the player that makes the most difference in tone.
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Its really the player that makes the most difference in tone.

yeah thats a good point too
Quote by Doodleface
Its really the player that makes the most difference in tone.

im sorry not even fruciante can make a peavey raptor into a mg sound good.

but its amp then guitar.

always upgrade amp first unless your guitar is soo messed up you cant play it

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Thanks for answering all my question ssguitar

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of course it the guitar

WRONG! amp is like 80% of tone. Good amp is more important, guitar is more for playability. If yours has low playability, then you may want a guitar first, if not then amp.
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I think its around 60-40 amp to guitar for tone. or 70-30. But its mostly amps. Amps rly do define how u sound, tube or otherwise.
it depends which of the two you are unhappy with.

its better to have a bad tone because of a bad amp, than to sound **** because you're guitar is hindering your playing.
Definitely both. Both affect each other's sound. Don't forget there are also ways to modify both without switching guitars or amps. This is where effect pedals come to the rescue to get tones desired without buying another amp or guitar.
thats a good point. also if you got a good amp then maybe just change the pickups on your guitar until you can buy a new one. pickups make a lot of difference as long as you get good ones. but mainly the amp is your biggest way of changing you tone.
Out of your three statements, felipeg, #2 & #3 are correct. #1 will almost never be correct.
Amps, after all, give your electric guitar sound to begin with. Never buy an expensive guitar and a crappy amp, you will regret it and the potential from your guitar is greatly diminished and "watered down".

To me, the chain of command for good tone is as follows:

Your playing --> amp --> guitar -->effects,etc..
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