ok i put the thread in the wrong forum so here it is i need to get a new guitar my squire bullet is falling apart and i was looking at a epi les paul pack but i wanted another opinion and most of the people i talk to are musically retarded and suggestions $500 max for guitar
do you really need the pack? what kind of music do you play?
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i currently have no amp and im using a belt as a strap the pack would be helpful i play zepplin roling stones gnr mcr fob green day the academy is and anything else i can learn
Get a Les paul Standard Plain top and use the extra money to get an Epi Tube amp. Its worth it.
i have a standard and i love it. Epi LPs are a good guitar for the money.
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Really, don't bother with Epi's packs. The amps are awful, and the only options are Special-II (awful) or the PeeWee (possibly the worst guitar ever made. Seriously).

If you've not got a lot of money to spend, get an Epi LP Studio (the cheapest LP that Epi do which doesn't entirely suck - it's about $100 less than the Epi LP Standard, comes in a wider range of finishes, but misses some of the finer polish that Standards have. If you're just learning or something though, then you really won't notice a difference, especially if you'll only have a cheap amp anyway), then you should have enough left over for an okay amp. Or try looking into Agile, I hear they make good LP copies at cheaper prices.
Get some sort of Les Paul studio for around $300...

And spend the rest on a nice amp...
if you want to go for a tube amp look into these..
Epi. Valve Junior

The Crate V8

This one isn't a tube amp, but models other amplifiers and sounds pretty good. I own the 30 watt version, versatile and comes with effects...
The Vox ad15vt

Edit: ^ I haven't tried the Line 6 but from what I read on this forum they're not so good. If you want a modeling amp try the Vox ad30vt I mentioned, very good amp IMO.
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