Well I'm pretty much decided on a Vox. I haven't heard many people complain about them. Now I just need to know what is the best Vox for under 200$. I'm buying a new guitar and all so I'm on a tight budget. Can anybody help? And I mean 200$ in all, not internet deals.
Its worth it, i thought it was just a UG Fad but i played it and i can do anything i want at a low volume and it keeps up well with drummers - its very loud for the size scrape some extra cash if you can.
Alright, thanks a lot guys. I might just save up for it... or try to get a deal from the great people at my local guitar shop.
How bad is your guitar situation? Your amp is really the majority of your tone, and if your current guitar is ok, you should focus your budget on the amp.

I'd really suggest you go for the AD30VT. It's got an attenuator on the back to give you better tone at lower volumes than the AD15, and it's got enough power to handle jamming and small gigs when you need it. Definitely worth the extra money, IMHO.
You Don't Need a halfstack.

You Don't Need 100W.

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