Hey guys, I've finally saved up what I think is enough money to buy myself a quality amp. Right now I play a squier strat through a fender frontman 15G. You know, the squier starter pack. First of all, I'm looking for an amp that I can use for at least band practices and small gigs. Next, I'm looking for a nice tone that will sound awesome with blues and rock. But I've recently become obsessed with instrumental rock like steve vai and especially joe satriani, and I'd like to have a tone that would suit their kind of style. I doubt money will be a problem, and after I get a good amp, I'll be getting a guitar that'll better suit instrumental, probably an Ibanez of some sort.

EDIT: Would orange amps be completely out of the question? Since I really like their bluesy rock tone, but I don't know if they would suit instrumental.
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well I've got about 1000 dollars (US of course). Something tells me I may not have enough now...
$1000 can be more than enough if you know what to look for, but also consider that if you don't get a combo, you'll need to factor in the price of a cab and a good speaker cable.

The Orange Tiny Terror will suit the blues/rock category on the highest level and cleans up nicely when you roll off the guitar volume. Maybe you should look into one with an Avatar 2x12 to set it on and have some money left over.

More in the combo frame of mind, the Peavey Classic series offers enough versatility to cover what you need and stay within budget. There are several Fender combo's that delve deep into blues/rock territory with a tube screamer in front of them. However if I were looking for a blues/rock combo that could push more gain when necessary and could clean up with the best of them I'd be looking for a used Soldano Astroberb.
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