I didn't know where to post this kind of thread so I guessed here would be good.

I'm planning on buying a 7 string electric guitar but I know very little about guitars and even less about purchasing them. I have no idea where to begin; even which brand of guitar to buy. Could anyone give him some tips?
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If u have enuff money, u could get a Korn 7-string from Ibanez. The mex ones have an awesome trem.
you could try an Agile Septor or Interceptor but its a bit riskier since its unlikely that you'll be able to actually try it out
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ive heard that schecters are good considering theyre cheap. my bros band plays escuslively schecter. they sound good. they dont have 7-strings, but yeah. supposedly theyre good.
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Price range?
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Oh sorry,forgot to mention the price range. Honestly I know junk about guitar price ranges too. I'd be willing to spend about $500 dollars but I'd definitely perfer something in the price range of $300. Got into the 7-string idea mainly by Scar Symmetry,but also by Anathema.
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Btw I just looked up the RG-1527 and I see em on sites for like $600! Is that really the price I would have to pay for it, and/or the price range of the other guitars? I'm not good enough to warrant spending that kind of money so soon (the $500 dollar mark still holds I guess but it was based mainly on ignorance).
well ill recommend my first seven Ibanez AX7221 (350 new) or theres the 7321 still ibby for i think 280 never tried also look at schecters i have a Revenger 7 Discontinued that was 300 used and i olny play 7s by the way
If you want to go with a cheaper seven either go with Agile or shecter. both companies offer nice models for a pretty good price. OR you could save up a bit and buy an RG1527, and then change the pickups in it. Also dont go with the "Munky" sigs they're all looks. Because honestly you could buy the Rg1527 and upgrade it a little and get the same sound as one of the Apex's. Plus the RG1527 has a LFR!
Ok, the 7 string thread will answer pretty much all your questions, plus there is some great advice on actually using a 7 stringed guitar effectively. I highly recommend that you check it out before coming to a decision on a guitar.
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Oh yea, what website did you find an RG1527 for 600?!??!

I can't remember; all I know is that like the first 3 sites I went to with a direct link to the guitar info all had it listed at like 600 so I didn't bother looking at any sites past those. Btw to get those results I just typed in "RG1527" in google.
If you don't need a trem (wammy) system and don't want to spend too much, the Ibanez RG7321 is a solid choice. They're $380 new, and you might find a blem for less than that. It's a very reliable guitar (I took it to school 3 days a week my whole senior year, with no case) and is a great place to start getting into 7 string stuff. Of course, if you really want a locking trem, the 1527 is the preffered choice, but wammys are, in my experience, more trouble, cost, and time then they're worth. But I encourage you to read my review if you arn't dead set on a trem-equipped 7 string: http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/reviews/electric_guitars/ibanez/rg7321/index.html
I love my Ibanez AX7221 (that I bought for $80 with crapload of cracked paint).

Once I stripped the fugly "battle ship gray" paint off and stained that mahogany body, it looks superb, plays even better than before and weighs at least a pound less.

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Ok, the 7 string thread will answer pretty much all your questions, plus there is some great advice on actually using a 7 stringed guitar effectively. I highly recommend that you check it out before coming to a decision on a guitar.

That's why the thread was created, definantly check that out before buying anything without trying it. You're guaranteed some solid info there, as all of the people in that thread are 7 string players/owners that know their stuff and have been ranked accordingly.
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