I would have

SG body and neck and head

Floyd rose tremello
Rosewood fretboard
Cherry Wood Neck
Slinkies 11 gagues
White body with black and red guns and roses with 1 heartagram

slap a gibson sticker on the headstock

and have beautfull vines on the neck inlay with a gothic cross in the middle
RG style Superstrat body (basswood)
Kramer style bolt on neck with black dots and maple fretboard
String through body design
Ducan JB 59 set
Self locking tuners
White finish with bloodstains

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Telecaster body
Strat neck
Strat pickguard/pickips/bridge
Candy Apple Red or Black w/ Black pickguard and an H-H setup.
I like tele/strat hybrids fo some reason


Gibson Xplorer
EMG 81-85 set
Dan Jacobs White/red stain finish.
White Roman Numeral Inlays on every fret.


Gibson Xplorer
SG-style Red finish
Black pickguard
JB/Jazz or JB/59 set
hmmm...prolly the schecter hellraiser avenger body, but have it be whale blue (like the PRS one)
with gold hardware, tonepros bridge (not a fan of trems...) have 24 extra jumbo frets, either EMG 81/60 combo or some sort of seymour combo...
Grover/schaller tuners, DR 10 gauge strings, and the inlays would be...well, probably the vine of life

god i wish they made that guitar
My gear:
Schecter C-1+ w/ Seymour duncan Jazz (neck) and Full Shred (bridge), with Sperzels
B-52 LG-100A 4x12 half stack
Rogue LX405 Bass
Yamaha classical
Some sort of acoustic Squier
Boss Flanger
Lyon Chorus
Stratocaster body,
Maple neck
Flying V Headstock
Sunburst Finish
3 single coil pickups
Regular black dot inlays
Team Orange

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Very tough indeed. I would make a Stratocaster with a Mahogany body. Route the pickups for a Dimarzio Evolution humbucker in the bridge and and some Fender single coil Fender Lace pickups in the Neck and Middle position. The neck would be made out of maple and the fretboard out of rosewood. It would have moon inlays. Schaller locking tuners. And for the bridge a Floyd Rose Tremello.
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Double Neck guitar

Both Necks 6 string

One HSH with original Floyd Rose, Ebony Fretboard

One SSS with a Roland pickup (could be solid tail or 2 point trem), Ebony fretboard

Roland pickup is for extra tunings and voices (kinda like the strat VG)

Separate inputs for each set of pickups

Basswood or Alder body

White Body with pearloid pick guard.

Some sort of crazy flowers and patterns all over the neck
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front end of the body, ESP EX style, back half, Jackson RR style, V shape neck, Dean razorback headstock. Mahogany body and neck, rosewood fingerboard. NECK THROUGH!

7 String
EMG 707 at bridge, no neck PUP
Original floyd rose 7 string
1 Volume control
27 jumbo frets (h)
Grover locking tuners
Black hardware
White with black bevels finish
and of course... LEFT HANDED

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red, orange, and blue swirl colored strat
EMG DG20 pickups
flame maple neck and fingerboard
those tuners that lock and cut the string from planet waves
aged hardware
pearloid pickguard
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My Surf-o-Strat Project

Either King V Or ESP RS shaped
Alder body
Satin finished, unpainted maple set-through
Ebony Fretboard
Satin Black finish with silver pinstripes on body
EMG 89 combo
Chrome hardware and pickup bezels
Arrowhead inlays
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RG body
ZR tremolo
pezio pickup
HSH pickup
Series/parrallel pickup wiring
Coil split, Phase switiching for all pickups
Evoultion pickups with a Burns Tri sonic in the middle
Stand alone or blend pezio with the active pickup that is in use.
Original Edge spec neck with titanium reinforcment bars ( the RG20th's necks) 2
a smaller version of heaven to hell kitty as the inlay
Red Bengal with all chrome hardware

I would have two of these guitars one in the original Red Bengal and another in yellow bengal

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You mean a Random Star with a Razorback headstock, right?

Lawl, it'd look better if i was good on paint :P