i want to know if i am doing well for playing guitar for about 3 and a half months ( 2 of which on an acoustic) i can tune my guitar prty close by ear, hammer ons bending slideing basic stuff i have all down easily i no all major minor 5 6 7 chords about 15 scales, entire song of achiles last stand by led zeppelin solo and all, all of black dog (sept for the solo) all of mother by pink floyd. and then stuff like hey you and comfortably numb (all for last solo) and then all the easy songs every1 nos along with dozens of riffs ive played around with and made up

what i was wondering is this a good pace for around 3.5 months of play

i play about 2 - 4 hours aday

You certainly seem to know a lot more theory than most people after that time, good job
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3 1/2 months and you know 15 scales? People spend years learning the major scale..

Do you really KNOW them or, or do you just kinda know them. If I gave you a chord progression, could you tell me what mode/scale goes over it and improvise over it?

But other than that, it's great lol
Alright well let's see here...when learning guitar:

Day 1:
-Tune guitar
-Open chords
-Stairway To Heaven
Day 2:
-Barre chords
-7th,9th,11th,and suspended chords
-The modes
-Diminished, augmented, and blues scales
Day 3:
-Malmsteen, Petrucci, Vai, and Satriani licks
-Sweep picking
-First 3 Dragonforce CD's

so forth

So as you can see, mehh, you've fallen a bit behind by 3 months you should obviously know just about everything there is on guitar. What you really need to do is compare yourself to others and realize that you haven't made nearly as much progress as you should have made by now. You should probably just sell your guitar on Ebay.

Ok honestly, if you knew 2 scales, a few chords, a couple simple songs you'd be doing fine. If you could play Flight of the bumblebee, you'd still be doing fine. It doesn't matter how fast you've progressed. If you think you're doing good then awesome, but there really isn't a set guide on where you should be after 107.4 days ya know? Just keep at it and don't compare yourself to others
One thing i will say is that its not jsut being able to play it, but play it well thats the key and also knowing what youre playing. But you sound like youre progressing well so well done, just keep to whatever pace suits you.
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i no all major minor 5 6 7 chords about 15 scales,

I think you talking crap there ^^

But apart from that your doing fine.
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Go to your staff paper and re-write this song a half step down so on the paper it'll be like you have a "C" just move it down to a "B#"

Know your theory, then play like you don't.

id like to see videos of said songs you can play, or else im just going to assume your lying, but unfortunately I allready know RIGHT NOW that you will never post such. You either "wont have a video camera" or "yours is broken and you need to get a new 1" are my bets.

i played guitar for about 4 mnths...
i dnt know what a pentatonic is...
i've just heared that those are use for solo's and adlibs and some riffs...

i know what a major and minor scale is..
but i dnt memorize and i dont know how to apply them...

as of now i can play for about 40 songs...
maybe 15 of them are plucking.. like tears in heaven and some foreign love songs.
the rest are songs came from my country
so do you u thnk..
if i compare my self... to this kid ..
oh my...
am i that dumb? and weakling?
that my learning progress is bad huhuuhh T______T
and in addition i know about triads hehehe and how chords are made..
anyway that wont change my dumbness T_T
I think your talking pish - ive read the stuff that uve posted and about 2 weeks ago you asked the question 'what exactly is guitar theory' and other posts asking about slides and ringing out notes. On that basis i call you a liar - you dont need to jazz youself up to people on UG, if u have been playing 3 months or so, your not going to be good. I really dont believe what your saying, especially about playing achillies last stand including solos.

If u want us to evaluate your progress - tell us the truth about how much you know and what your daily practice routine is.