so heres the story, im going off to Uni in october and am looking for a guitar that will give me a gret deal of versatility and flexibility. something that will cover a lot of bases musically. something that will not let me down.

ive played a music man Luke and it is simply a phenomenal guitar, but ball breakingly expensive. this brings me onto the OLP Luke. anyone tried it? is it flexible? is it as at home playing funk and blues at it is rock and metal?

can anyone tell me what this thing is like?

also, if its crap, has anyone got any other suggestions for something that will see me well for a little while and be my uni workhorse guitar? im looking to spend around a couple of hundred quid, as im piss-poor now because of student fees etc.

thanks for any help

Workhorse versatile guitar?

That's practically synonymous with Fender Stratocaster.
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yeah i know that, but i try not to walk the beaten path, plus a fender is out of my budget and i dont want a squire! haha.

any other alternatives?
i said in my other thread (which was along the same lines, but without the direct olp luke question), that i was looking for alternatives with a bit more imagination than "fender strat" or "epi les paul".

any others i should look at?