I have a crate gt65 but it seems its not that good for metal.. i want to get another AMP for around 500-700$ for good sounding metal amp..

any suggestions??
wow....Fender Hot Rod Dlx w/ tubescreamer. Or almost any tube amp w/ a tubescreamer. Peavey Windsor Stack w/ Tubescreamer.
Mesa Boogie makes great metal amps if you want to go a little bit higher in price. Or even the new line of Crate GTD amps. I would also recommend getting a Boss Metal Zone of Boss DS-2 distortion pedal if you don't want to buy a whole new amp.
But since you do have a Crate and most Crate's are 3 channel, I would recommend tinkering with the high gain channel and figure out a metal sound that appeals to you.
I would go for a used Peavey 5150.

PinkEdit: I just read the post above me, and you are incorrect. His current amp is a piece, and the only amps Crate makes that aren't garbage are the all-tube ones. The Boss Metal Zone is horrible as well. Mesas are nice, I'll give you that.
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Marshalls are nice amps no doubt, but a used 5150 would be much better for a chunky high gain metal sound. try to get the combo version?
you might be able to get a randall warhead head for that price. a peavey classic with a dist./od pedal would suit you. definitely try out a windsor. or a used marshall jcm 800.
If you want a Transtube get one without built in effects. They sound good and less likely to malfunction. A good used tube combo will serve you better.