I have a knockoff strat with a vintage style trem. Will it still be playable without the springs in the body that make the vibrato system actually work?

The reason I ask this is that the screws are completely stripped (the heads, not the screw holes) and, just by the off chance that I can't find any screws that would fit, I don't want to take a guitar apart to paint that I won't be able to play later on.

Thanks in advance.
The guitar is no good without springs. Tuning will be hell and your tone will go out the window. Unless you plan on not using the trem and shoving a piece of wood in the body to keep the bridge flat.
Nope. Even if the trem doesn't break outright from the string tension, the action will be far too high to play anything but slide.

PinkEdit: Springs cost like two bucks a pop at most, and the most you can have in there is five.
I would just get a stop tail bridge or something if you do not want the springs. Or just buy another Stratocaster.
you dont need to touch the trem cavity to paint it.

you can always block the bridge in the trem cavity if the screws rip out.

and i wouldnt mess with those screws if they are already stripped.

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