I recently purchased an LTD M-1000 and I plan on changing the pickups b/c I want something a little more versatile than the dual EMG 81's.

I've decided that the fernandes sustainer FSK-101 humbucker is definately what I'm going to use for the neck position, now I just need a good bridge pickup. For those of you who don't know the sustainer works by having the sustainer pickup vibrate the strings while the other one listens, thus creating the cool endless sustain effect. Since I'll effectively only have one (bridge) pickup in my guitar when I do this it needs to be a fairly versatile one.

I play mostly metal so I'm looking for hot screaming leads, brutal bassey crunch, and decent cleans. So far I've been checking out the Super 3, Super Distortion, Tone Zone, and X2N from dimarzio. My price range is about $100.

Any suggestions? Thanks for any help.
I would save up some more money and get a DiMarzio super distortion or one of Dimarzio's other pickups. They have the best ones for metal in my opinion.