I have learned to play the basic chords, currently working on scales. I am also thinking about what style of guitar I should play. I remember in the movie "School of Rock" that you should be like your influences, but I need help with that. My influences are VR's Slash, and AC/DC's Angus Young. So should I play Rock, Hard Rock, or a combination of something?
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play whatever...... you don't need to choose what genre u want to play thats stupid
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to be a great player, you should be able to play anything... by picking a specific genre you really limit the amount of influences and diversity you can put into your music which is really where the originality comes from.

Exactly, play everything you can. You seem to lean towards more hard rock though so maybe start with that and expand from there.
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You seem like more of a Blues Rock kind of guy, somewhat hard rock I guess.

Yea I'd agree, you might want to study blues scales and go from there. Blues can be as heavy as you make it, Black Sabbath was one of the heaviest bands around and their music was completely bluesy with the use of the tritone (b5).
play what your influences play, but dont limit yourself to just one or two genres, to be a great player you really have to branch out. Bluesy rock would be a start for a beggining player, but you should move on to other forms and just play whatever you feel like.
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