I just got a Telecaster and sometihng weird happens when im playing.. it has this static sound. at first i thought it was the socket had crap in it. but this sound only goes away when i touch a piece of steel on the guitar. .like the switch piece. any ideas what this could be.
It's probably white noise, maybe its you pickups (it's normal you have single coils) or you have a old cable. Don't worry about it.
Actually I bought this cheap piece of ass Stagg that looks like a Jagstang and it does the same thing. It's all stock pickups and when I plug it in to either my half stack or my little Roland combo it does the same thing. A white noise eminates and then if I touch a string, the bridge, or the jack (basically anything metal like you said) I hear a click and then it goes away. I have a tv right next to my amps and whenever it's on the white noise is ridiculously loud to where it buzzes but when it's off it decreases considerably. I even took my roland out on my back porch and it does it there too. I think it might have to do with the waves of other things in your room bouncing around (lights, tv, cd player, computer)... I don't know for sure though.