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5 38%
8 62%
Voters: 13.
Here's the second duel of the contest

Vote for the recording you like more (not just for technical reasons), and please add a comment or something so we can make something constructive out of this.

metaljim's recording: http://www.purevolume.com/metaljim - ug comp 2
Jamingguitarist recording: http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/Jamingguitarist/ - C Blues Jam-Ug Contest-

The poll will last 6 days from now, may the best win!
i say jamingguitarist won this one, it has a more soft sound which goes perfect with the backtrack
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listening to metal jims now,,,good tone some cool blues licks being used.sounds like something from the 70's.cream influence?i like the way he built into the faster licks..it does seem to wander towards the end but very very good

now jammings turn super bluesy tone,,maybe mix louder though but not judging on that,it is very well done and tasteful but so far doesnt hold my attention as well as metaljim
i am going to have to go with jim on this but both were very well done,,,i wouldnt mind challenging either one of you haha(though i would lose)
props to metal jim for the tone, nice use of major pentatonic occasionally(even if unintentionally), i would have like to heard more of it, strong finish

jamgut, you have some very nice licks, good sense of when to play and when to lay back

i liked metal's tone better, i feel like jamingguitarist youre playing could have been more impactful with a more powerful, 3 demsional tone (i dont mean gain either nessicarily). i feel like as a song overall, metaljims was better, as far as sound and keeping me interested, but i think jam was a little cleaner and had better licks overall. tough decision. good battle
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so i was thinking of creating a new duel three different backing in three different styles,we all record over the same backings and get voted on using a point system for each backing and the person with the highest final score wins you guys interested?