i currently have a crappy first act strat look alike and need a new one im on a budget of around 300$and was wondering wich of these guitars are better for classic rock ie; sabath aerosmith deep purple sublime and mettalica hopefully i'll learn more but my choices are

peavey predator plus exp for$220 ive heard VERY good things about this axe from long time players

ibanez rg2exi for 270$ ive heard good about this one to though a little on my pricier side

epi g-310 sg for 200$ i know nothing about epi thoughi have a epi studio 10s amp

epi lp-100 for 250$

epi les paul special 2 for 150$

so these are my choices so could you help me decide wich one to get thanks
^ He knows. Save up for a mid-class Epiphone. A studio, or Classic would be a good bet.
Nothing wrong with the guitars you named, but they're not much higher value-wise than your guitar.
or you could wait a LONG time and save for a gibson lp studio. they look like theyre good...but it would take a while and it depends on how beat up your current guitar is or if your willing to wait. but my advice is to wait to get sumthin thats a lot better than you have so you'll feel likw it was worth saving forever to get sumthin better, not just an equal (or at least sumwhat better). i hope that mde sense...im tired
^^ the Epi Studios are considered lower-class. The Standard is taken to be the benchmark middle-quality.

All that said... save up more and get an Epi Standard, or an Epi Custom if you're willing to wait to get something of much higher quality.

Whatever you do though, don't touch an LP-100, and if you've got any sense you won't touch a Special-II either.
ok thanks the two i really liked out of that bunch were the peavey and ibanez i figured the ibanez would be higher quality but i read two reviews of the peavey written by guys who have been playing over 20 yrs and they say the peavey is the best guitar they've ever played but if the epi is better i guess ill go with that
I have the predator plus, and its not a bad gutiar. pretty decent actually. But i would save up for a "better" guitar
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