not getting responses in the guitar building and **** area so i thought id try here

so ive always got a scratching sound from my esp since i got it, oct 5th, last year, but i never could fix it, ive had it looked at by my guitar teacher who knows how to repair em, but he couldnt figure out how to get it to stop, also, the screw holes for the input faceplate have always been a little stripped inside so the screws would come out, so i put paper strips inside to accomidate the excess space, and had a little of the paper sticking out so i can remove it if necessisary, which always did the trick for that problem. but i always still got that scrathing sound when the cable was hit near the input jack so i havent preformed with it ever. but i really wanna get it fixed.

so first i need help on soldering the cable back to the input, but i think its pretty self explanitory, just dont wanna do something and blow out my emg's cuz i didnt verify.

second, fixing the scrach sound.

or should i send the guitar back to ESP since its been messed up since the beginning?

i got it online from MusiciansFriend less than a year ago.

thanks for the help. =]
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